Friday, April 13, 2007

I have Egg-streme issues!

My true friends know that there is one food that makes me want to gag – and that food is cooked eggs. A raw egg in cookie dough or for breading chicken doesn’t bother me too much – though I can’t eat French toast because sometimes a little bit of cooked egg clings to the sides of the bread! It’s only eggs that have been cooked – and it doesn’t matter if they have been boiled, over-easy, scrambled or fried. No omelets, no quiche, no egg custard… Just the idea makes me feel sick. In fact, much to everyone’s surprise, if I was forced to consume an egg, I would rather eat a raw egg than a cooked one. Yes, I have issues. And yes, I am aware of these issues. My hatred for eggs goes so far as that I don’t even want my hubby to cook eggs in the house. He can only cook them when I’m not home and he must clean up everything and not tell my which pan he used. I wouldn’t want to taint any of my cooking pans or utensils with ghastly egg particles. Yuck! (My stomach is turning just thinking about it!)

So, to everyone’s surprise I showed up to Easter dinner with these:

Now, don’t be alarmed dear reader, they are in fact made of white chocolate and Rice Krispies. Even though I KNOW what they are made of, I still was unable to bring myself to try one. I hear they were tasty – though can I really trust these people who would actually eat an egg?

Now for a real treat, I also made this sweet little guy:


Jenn said...

I think of you every time I order a breakfast sandwich at Sheetz and the machine asks if I want egg on my sandwich!

NaTan said...

what drug were you on that allowed you to even consider making these?