Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Local News

The lead story on last night's local tv news -- we got a Panera! It was also on the front page of the newspaper. Trust me, I'm as excited as anyone (love the Asain Chicken Salad!), but come on -- it's a bagel shop! Sorry, just had to vent...


Jenn said...

At least your lead story wasn't about how workers in Point State Park ruptured a 20 inch gas line. Whoopsie!

When we lived in Punxsy, Panera was the most exciting thing ever. Now that we live 5 minutes from one, Trader Joes is the most exciting thing ever. Did I tell you that supposedly they are building one in a new shopping center by Robinson? That's REALLY the most exciting thing ever. Oh God, I am so lame.

Lisa said...

Oh! That is exciting! C. and I now stop at Trader Joe's anytime we are in the 'burgh. We stock up when we are there because that only happens every few months. We love the frozen rice -- now that's lame!

Oh, and I keep sending email to TJ's customer service telling them that State College would be a great new location for them. I don't think they are listening. If we ever get one, I'm taking full credit for the idea!

Jack said...

Thanks for reminding me why I don't watch the news.

NaTan said...

I enjoy Panera as well, but that is pretty bad! Out here, we're reading about how drunken undergrads of the Midwest think Unofficial St Patrick's Day and an offensive mascot are totally "awesome".

Gag me.

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