Thursday, February 8, 2007

This makes me feel better about my own sense of direction.

Thanks to Lugene for sending this story to me. And I thought it was bad the one time I took a PAT bus going the wrong direction when I was trying to get to the Southside! I was lost for almost 15 minutes! At least I realized and managed to get off the bus and cross the street to get another one heading the right way. Just think, I could have been lost in the outskirts of Pittsburgh for 25 years -- cause we all know they speak a totally different language/dialect there.

Woman on the wrong bus lost for 25 years

BANGKOK, Feb. 7 (UPI) -- A woman who boarded the wrong bus on an attempted shopping trip from Thailand to Malaysia has returned home after 25 years. Jaeyana Beuraheng told her eight children she accidentally boarded a bus bound for Bangkok instead of Malaysia, and once there she boarded a second incorrect bus because she could not read or speak Thai or English, The Times of London reported Wednesday.

Beuraheng, who speaks only the Yawi dialect used by Muslims in southern Thailand, said the noise and traffic of the big city confused and disoriented her, leading her to board the second wrong bus to Chiang Mai, near the border with Burma. The woman said she spent five years begging on the street in the city and was often mistaken for a member of a hill tribe because of her dark skin tone. She was arrested in 1987 on suspicion of being an illegal immigrant and was sent to a social services hostel when authorities were unable to determine her origins.

However, last month, three students from her home village arrived at the hostel for training, and they were able to communicate with Beuraheng and help her find her way home.


Jenn said...

We took the bus for the first time a few weeks ago and even though it was on the west busway, no transfers, I still expected to end up in Beaver County somewhere.

NaTan said...

woah! I don't think I ever got on the wrong bus, but I've been confused by subways a few times. scary!

Lugene said...

Geez, Lisa, I'm sure yinz woulda found some way to survive in da ahtskirts of picksburg. Yinzes kind of nebby.